Prof. Dr. E. Skorb

Ekaterina V. Skorb received her Ph.D “summa cum laude” in physical chemistry (2008). Subsequently, she was a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPIKG, Germany) with Prof. Helmuth Möhwald.
From 2013 she has been working in Biomaterials Department with Prof. Peter Fratzl (MPIKG, Germany) as a Group Leader. She was a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology (Harvard, USA) in Prof. George Whitesides group (2016-2017).
Ekaterina has authored more than 60 research papers and received various fellowships (e.g. AvH, DAAD, LG Chem, etc.). From 2017, she is a professor at ITMO University leading a group of Infochemistry for Self-Adaptive Materials at SCAMT. Her current research interests are spatiotemporal regulation of ion concentration gradients and dynamically molecules, microorganisms ordering, photocatalysis, high energy chemistry for material synthesis, and “information processing” in chemistry.”


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