Prof. Dr. N. Kotov

Prof. N. Kotov is working on chemistry, physics, and materials science of self-organization of nanoparticles, layered nanocomposites and other biomimetic nanostructures.
His studies aimed at deciphering complexity of nanoscale interactions at both theoretical and experimental levels. The concept of nanoscale biomimetics were experimentally proven by nanoparticles superstructures, while the studies on the chiral nanostructures point to the possibility of nanoparticle role in the origin of homochirality on Earth.
Prof. Nicholas A. Kotov, graduated from the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University in 1987. After accepting an Assistant Professor position at Oklahoma State University, he focused on the studies of self-organization phenomena at nanoscale and continued the research on biomimetic composites.
He became a faculty of University of Michigan in 2003 that followed by expansion of nanoscale self-assembly methods to ultrastrong materials, energy technologies, and biomedical devices.
Prof. Kotov is a founder of several start-up companies including Nico Technologies, 3D Biomatrix, Elegus Technologies that commercialized biomimetic nanomaterials for military, biomedical and energy storage technologies.


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