Prof. Dr. W. Browne

Prof. W. Browne is a Chair of Molecular Inorganic Chemistry (2015 to present) and Associate Professor of Functional Molecular Materials and Catalytic Systems, Stratingh Institute of Chemistry (2013 to present).
He used to work at Stratingh Institute of Chemistry, 2007-2013, held a research fellowship in the group of B. Feringa (2003-2007), Honorary Research Fellowship with the group of Prof. J. J. McGarvey, Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland, (2003-2005), and a joint post-doctoral position with Prof. J. J. McGarvey, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland and Prof. J. G. Vos, Dublin City University, Ireland (2002-2003).
Prof. Browne is a holder of ERC starting investigator grant (2011-2016)


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